Domestic violence - You are not alone!

Domestic violence is a serious and widespread problem in the world. Women's abuse affects all economic, social, educational and cultural groups. Abuse can take many forms and is one of the greatest health risks facing women today. According to the United Nation's Report nearly one third of women is abused by a husband, boyfriend/girlfriend or parents.Victims suffer from physical and emotional pain. Domestic violence can be prevented and ultimately ended.
If you or someone you know is in an abusive situation - there is help!

Frauenzimmer is a non-profit organization that focuses on domestic violence, prevention and services. The project is sponsored by the Berlin State Government since 1986. Frauenzimmer operates 7 shelters for at least 27 women and their children located in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Schöneberg, Tiergarten and Wilmersdorf. The addresses are anonymous. Women and their children seeking refuge from abusive situations temporarily find a safe place, support, practical information and counselling. Each woman gets a single room. She shares bathroom and kitchen with 1-5 other women and their children and pays a monthly rent. For those without a sufficient income financial support by the Social Welfare Center is available. One shelter is fully accessible for disabled battered women and provides a special equipment.

Residents of the shelters have a female social worker at their side for personal support in all their needs. Frauenzimmer provides professional counselling and support concerning:

  • Moving to a shelter
  • Safety planning
  • Searching new flats and homes
  • Returning to work, job trainings, education
  • Practical information
  • Violence-related health consequences
  • Organization of legal assistance and advocacy
  • Financial problems
  • Children's education
  • Residence permit
  • Help for children
  • Psychological and violence-related problems or stress disorder
  • Perspectives and non-violent future

If you plan to leave your home, please try to take with you:

  • Passport and personal documents
  • Medical reports
  • Money, credit cards and clothes
  • Children's prefered toys
  • House keys

Please join us for further questions or assistance!